Joyce E. Barrie

"Woman Magazine" said she was the "Woman in the News". The New York Times called her work "Chutzpah Therapy". She won first prize of $1,000 in a professional Michael Jackson look-a-like contest, and of course, she looks nothing like Michael, and can't even moonwalk!

Joyce offers powerful seminar programs, and personal and professional consulting services to individuals and corporations. Joyce's dynamic personality and outstanding sense of humor has made her a most memorable keynote speaker at national conferences and events.

Joyce Barrie has appeared on such popular television shows as Sally Jessy Raphael, Phil Donahue and Joe Franklin. Her skills with people were captured in national and international news media. Her diversified business articles are informative and inspiring. Her original poetry is very inspiring and has gained national recognition.

This highly successful ex-stockbroker was nominated as one of New York's "Most Eligible Single Professionals". Whether giving dynamic, creative classes to business people at a top Comedy Club, or meeting with corporate clients for powerful coaching sessions, (national clients via telephone coaching), Joyce is a strong catalyst for people to produce unprecedented and extraordinary results.