"I have been the beneficiary of Joyce's work for over 20 years. I have participated in many of her seminars, done personal, couples and family coaching and have worked on her staff. There are very few people I would call gifted, and Joyce is one of them. She has an astonishing ability to immediately get to the heart of your issue, develop solutions and support you completely in achieving your goals. Unlike traditional therapists, Joyce is action and results-driven. This is an especially valuable benefit for people who are busy with work, home or life in general. Joyce has had a tremendous impact on my professional, personal and family life. Joyce is a gift you should give to yourself and your family!"
John R. Brooks, Banker

"The day I met Joyce Barrie was a true turning point in my life. Coach Joyce was the indisputable catalyst for the positive, tangible changes in my professional and personal life. No amount of money could pay my debt of gratitude that I feel for Joyce's empowerment, encouragement and vision. The powerful woman I am today is a direct result of my work with Joyce Barrie."
G. Shohet, Educator

"Joyce offers the powerful skills for dealing with all kinds of people and situations and for finding the humor, lesson, and possibilities in every interaction. The seminars are a magnet for the shared experiences of individuals seeking personal growth and fulfillment."
A. Weishaus, High School Teacher

"Joyce Barrie always delivers a dynamic - real dynamite - presentation. She really knows how to energize an audience - and really light their fire!!! The reviews by the attendees when she's given presentations at WorkTalk® are always, "Exceptional!" "Dynamic" "Great" "Inspiring!" "Upbeat" ... And she leaves them wanting to hear more. Some additional comments from our audience questionnaire: ''crisp ... encouragement to do it now" ... "energizing and inspiring" ... "positive energy from the speaker" ... "very informative and inspirational" ... They also rated the presentation material as "valuable ... effective ... helpful group participation ... effective visual aids" ...Everyone who responded rated Joyce "EXCELLENT". We are truly privileged to have Joyce Barrie as one of our most valued and respected speakers."
Marian Karpen, President, Founder & CEO of WorkTalk®

"Joyce Barrie is wonderful and I always enjoy her workshops. She is such a unique and funny person and everything she does is "straight from the heart." Her love and support for people comes through constantly and she is open to new ideas and concepts all the time. My favorite workshop of Joyce's is the Humor Playshop. I had the best time doing it and did it twice. I have never felt as light and playful as the time spent with Joyce and the others who participated in the Playshop with me. Keep playing, Joyce!!"
Barrie Sue - Teacher/Writer/Art Consultant

"While I participated in the Humor Playshop over twenty years ago, I know it was an important catalyst in breaking out of the cocoon and setting me on the long path to butterfly. Assisting was very rewarding and helped me look at things from many perspectives."
Dr. Deborah Albert, Pediatric Surgeon

"I have never met anyone like you, Joyce. You truly are a gift in my life. With you I feel able to truly say anything and let it all hang out. You have no idea what a blessing that is and how unusual that is for me. You have given me a priceless gift-- to be totally accepted, seen (with all the good and the bad) and unfailingly supported and loved. You are my spiritual guide, my healer, my comedienne, my friend, my advocate and all time favorite broad. Thank you for showing me that there is nothing about myself that I need to hide."
Sarah Dacey Charles, Actress, Singer, Dancer,
Future Broadway Star
"Joyce Barrie is the most fun and 'go for it no matter what' person you will ever meet. If you want some of that in your life, she's the one to teach you how to gain the self-confidence and truly empower yourself. I went from being a wall flower to a dancer at automobile trade shows and a performance artist. Joyce is the best!"   
Madeline Artenberg, Tech Writer, Prize Winning Poet
"Joyce Barrie is an extraordinarily energetic person who can help you improve your communication, sales and professional skills. Her seminars emphasize the power of positive thinking in both your professional and personal lives. Joyce's energy is contagious. Her tips for living a fuller personal life will make you a more well rounded person. After a seminar with Joyce, you come to believe that life is full of wonderful possibilities. I highly recommend her seminars."   
Art Lersch, Economic Development Professional,
Faculty Member, University of Wisconsin
"I love hosting Joyce Barrie's seminars! I have hosted numerous seminars over the years and have always had so much fun doing it. It is a great honor for me to support Joyce and her extraordinary programs. I love to create a warm and welcoming environment for the seminar participants. It gives me the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. I have observed many people in Joyce's seminars, including myself, benefit from Joyce's superb and direct coaching. And that enriches my life and theirs! In addition, when I have my friends partake in Joyce's seminars, it brings me great pleasure to share with them this positive, healing and bonding experience."   
R. Banner, Certified Feng Shui Consultant &
Massage Therapist
"Any course or event of Joyce Barrie is well worth the price. You get a standup comedian and brilliant business person all in one.  If you have been taking yourself too seriously, you will have the opportunity to lighten up and let go in the Humor Playshop, one of my favorite programs.  Joyce gives insightful, straightforward advice so as to assist you in your growth and transformation.  Joyce is an extremely powerful catalyst to effect positive change.  She skillfully  creates an environment of support, safety, sanity and silliness that allows you to access your own inner gifts and hidden treasures. Her coaching is always right on target.   You will find out lots of fun and fascinating things about yourself and learn to develop your strengths, accentuate the positive, and let go of what's not working. Joyce knows how to teach and delight.  She is a master at facilitating positive changes in your life."
Cheryl Beychok, Legal Assistant
"There are plenty of coaches around for just about anything one might need. Many might be competent, few are masterful. Joyce Barrie is masterful. She brings a level of depth, insight, and intuitive wisdom to her work that are unparalleled. My work with Joyce has had a profound and lasting impact in my life. Whether working one-on-one or in a group seminar or workshop, Joyce has an extraordinary ability to zero in on the transformative potential in any situation, and to support you in realizing that potential. When you're ready to step up to the plate and transform your life, I totally recommend Joyce Barrie."
Steve Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Collaborative Capacity Consulting
"A funny thing happened to me while taking one of Joyce Barrie's creative courses. I was blown away!!! I discovered another part of me that I didn't know existed. The floodgates opened in my head and lyrics started pouring out. I discovered I had an extraordinary talent to write parodies and I dedicate them to all the special people in my life at their celebratory affairs. Here is one written to the music 'Comedy Tonight' and dedicated to the source of my inspiration, Joyce Barrie."   
Sig Haberman, President, Jersey Doors
"My husband and I have taken many of Joyce Barrie's classes together. Sharing the experience with a 'LOVED ONE' doubles the intensity. You get the thrill of experiencing your own transformation and watching the transformation occur in the other person. There is so much to share with one another (during and between sessions) that can't be explained to someone who has not taken her courses. You double the pleasure, and double the fun when you share Joyce's work with any friend, relative, co-worker, or anyone, really. I totally recommend it to one and all."
Barbara Haberman, Life & Business Partner of Sig Haberman
"Even though I did the Humor Playshop 20 years ago, I still draw from that incredible breakthrough experience in my day to day life. Take a deep breath, make eye contact, take in Joyce's powerful coaching and the support of the participants, and go for it! Oh yes, and don’t ever forget to have fun!!!"
Joshua Greene, President, Milton H. Greene Archives, Inc.
"In a basically negative world, where people are experiencing unprecedented daily challenges of living, where 1/2 of Manhattan Island is single, and 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce, wouldn't it be nice to have a lifelong ally and friend who is truly on your side, rooting for your happiness and success in every endeavor, who is savvy, witty, and just a "cool" woman? Joyce Barrie is that person and I have personally enjoyed the tremendous and long-lasting benefits of working with Joyce both in her awesome seminars and as my personal and professional coach. Joyce will literally help you design your ideal life and then be there to guide you on your journey towards it's attainment. I know Joyce is definitely one of the major contributing factors in the achievement of my dreams and goals. The "before-and after" picture of anyone's life before and after Joyce is truly an incredible contrast! That is why I never hesitate to recommend people for her extraordinary programs. When you're looking to take your life to the next level and every level thereafter--there's only one person to call, and beyond any doubt, that one person is Joyce Barrie."
B. Dobrow, Financial Consultant
"Even as Joyce gives both the caring and understanding that coaching clients expect, she also coaxes them out of their comfort zone to experiment with new and more empowering ways of relating to others, to situations, and to opportunities.   Anyone who has worked with Joyce has experienced her high ethical standards, her productively collaborative methods with the client, and her generous spirit and warmth.   You always know that Joyce is on your side, and that she's always rooting for your success."
Kerul Kassel, National Speaker and Coach
"There are coaches, and then there are COACHES!  Joyce Barrie is a standout!  Her sharp perception, insight and intuitive understanding of what her clients want and need and how to assist them in getting positive, significant results is exceptional.  In addition to her excellence as a Success Coach, she is an outstanding Trainer and Workshop Leader who shares valuable information, with a dynamic and quite humorous style that keeps you entertained as you learn.  After attending her programs, I not only came away with extemely useful information, I came away with skills that I was able to use and benefit from immediately."
Beverly Nadler, Trainer, Keynote Speaker
Author "Vibrational Harmony"